Shelli Proffitt Howells

Shelli Proffitt Howells

Shelli Proffitt Howells is a BYU graduate, a fiction writer, a happy wife and a mother of six. As a contributor for, she writes about strengthening marriage, parenting, health, faith and life challenges.

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Open uri20130917 24359 9seu89 article
Global Post

The First Years of Marriage

Many couples get so caught up in preparing for their wedding that they don't give much thought to being married....

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Global Post

How to Stay Married & Still Have Fun

While you were dating, you and your husband knew how to have fun together. Whether it was going out to...

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How to Be a Better Girlfriend or Wife

The most notable thing successful marriage partners have in common is they are kind to each other, says John Gottman, author of "The Seven Principles for Making a Marriage Work." They communi...

Open uri20130821 22003 ak80x9 article

How to De-Stress Your Husband

Talking about your stress with a calm and balanced listener can make you feel better instantly, according to This confidant should be you. You are your husband's best friend, lou...

Open uri20130821 5359 kp83mm article

Reinvigorating Marriage After 50

Date Night
Just because you've passed the half-century mark, doesn't mean your marriage needs to be in the downhill side of life. Schedule regular date nights. H. Brevy Cannon from the University of V...

Open uri20130821 22003 z1nc81 article

The Effects of a Severe Disability on a Marriage

Emotional Effects on the Disabled Spouse
It is normal for the person with the disability to go through a grieving process. In addition, she may blame herself for everything that goes wrong in the rela...

Open uri20130516 11048 u3vacc article | How to love with devotion in marriage

Having a happy, successful marriage is possible when you choose to be completely devoted to your spouse. Don't you love watching old married couples?...

Open uri20130324 3012 1y1zz5t article | Make time to make love: How to make sex a ...

Making love is an important part of a happy marriage. It also has many health benefits. Regular sex can improve your health and your marriage at the s...

Open uri20130324 30082 np2uh9 article | All thumbs and two left feet: How to boost the 'talentless' child

As a parent, we cherish that moment when we first hold our newborn baby in our arms. We look into his sleepy eyes and think about the infinite possibilities this child has. Why, he could end up being ...

Open uri20130619 10956 100ydfb article

The random acts of kindness revolution [VIDEO]

There's a revolution going on. People are making a difference one random act of kindness at a time. Hidden cameras have confirmed it. There is a revol...

Open uri20130516 1338 9qxpwm article

Spare the rod: Transition to consequence-based discipline

A majority of parents spank their children as a form of discipline. However, most parents are unaware of the problems and limitations of spanking. Lea...

Open uri20130324 30082 5zwuao article | Does God answer prayers?

Most major religions involve prayer in one way or another. However, sometimes it can seem that no one is listening and you are simply talking to a blank wall. You may wonder, does God really answer pr...

Open uri20130324 16525 13o3vzt article | Clean Eating 101

Are you trying to eat healthier? Maybe you want to lose weight, lower your cholesterol or just have more energy. However, all those popular diets you hear about seem complicated and difficult to follo...

Being YOU: Helping your child discover their individuality [VIDEO]

Each of our children has something different to give, something different to learn, something different to teach. Here are some ways to help them disc...

Camp Fun: Stay-at-home summer camp ideas

Summer camp is a blast! However, not everyone can send their children to summer camp. However, you can offer your children fun summer camp experiences...